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Help finding information on bionic tribology (friction) of birds and fish please

Hello, my name is Steve and i just came across this forum while trying to find information.

I'm writing a report for an engineering class on wear and friction.
my specific topic is:

Bionic Tribology: friction (living creatures in air and water)

i have been searching the university library databases for weeks for information but finding the correct keywords is proving to be quite difficult.

if anyone has an resources dealing with friction, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, or anything somewhat related to those dealing with airborn or seagoing animals can you please send me links or pdf files please?

my time is running out and i simply haven't been able to find enough information. my paper is due Dec 1, 2005

if possible i would appreciate direct emails to steve227@gmail.com but replies in this thread will be fine.

i feel like i could just about vomit because about 20 minutes ago i realised that more than half of the information i've collected so far is useless because it's based on land animals. mostly snakes and burrowing animals.

thank you for your time,

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Hi Steve,
Maybe this is what you are looking for.
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Old 11-21-2005, 02:55 AM   #3
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actually i'm looking for more of a cross between these two sites:




thanks though,

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Old 11-22-2005, 05:24 PM   #5
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thank you very much Chronister,

those are actually slightly outside the scope of my paper but they are PERFECT for another classmate of mine. i just sent him the links.

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Patricia Jones-Bowman
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You might find something in Steven Vogel's excellent book 'Life In Moving Fluids'
or in the research papers online at the Journal Of Experimental Biology [a search there will probably turn up quite a bit of relevant research]
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well i've already handed my paper in but i'll bookmark that site. thank you very much. it looks interesting.

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